Seachdain mu dheireadh son pàirt a gabhail san oidhirp a thogail airgead airson proiseact aig La Banda – Struileag,Shore to Shore.

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First Scottish Gaelic Crowdfunder of the Year

The Struileag – Shore to Shore project is in its final five days of the first crowdfunding attempt of the year for Scottish Gaelic. Currently over 140 backers have pledged more than £4000. In order for the project to receive the pledges, they must meet their £5600 target!

Using the Kickstarter platform, La Banda, the project organiser, is offering various rewards in exchange for donations. The rewards range from a downloadable digital music single for pledges of £1. Gaelic lessons, lessons to play the spoons, more music, learn new crafts are amongst the other rewards on offer. Also offered is the opportunity to perform on the album being created or to be thanked on the album cover. A sponsorship offer for a pledge of £2000 is still up for offer. Pledges can be made and more information found here.

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